Rug Restoration & Repair Services Are Incredibly Useful

When a Turkish rug has been in use for several months, it's likely a cleaning service will be needed. But if a rug is damaged, then it'll need rug restoration before cleaning can be pursued. This is specifically the case with Turkish rugs, as mending a Turkish rug that's wet would likely only damage the rug further.
When you need a first-rate rug restoration service, you should get in touch with our team. We have been preferred and trusted by those who need Turkish rug and carpet cleaning in Westchester, and these days we are still delivering first-rate cleaning and restoration services to clients in the area.
We use the best products, materials, and machines to complete a wide range of restoration jobs, and we’ll have your rug back to you before you ever notice it's missing. While we perform a wide range of rug restoration services, for Turkish rug owners we’re often asked to do recoloring, reweaving, binding, and fringing.
All of these services can save you from getting an expensive Turkish rug replacement, and to learn more about what each service is, read through the sections below.


When It’s A Good Idea To Get Rug Recoloring

Turkish rug recoloring is a rug restoration service that's often sought by owners of old Turkish rugs. Whether your rug is dark or light, our technicians can recolor it so it looks like it just came out of the store the other day.
When you get a rug recoloring service from us, you don't have to worry about the rug dye running or your rug’s pattern being messed up. Our rug coloring technicians are meticulous and detailed, and they'll treat your rug with care when they're working on it. We understand how delicate Turkish rugs are, and we’ll only improve them; we’ll never make them worse.

Rug Reweaving Is Sought Often By Turkish Rug Owners

Our team can be very helpful if you need rug reweaving. We have been delivering effective reweaving services for years, and this is why our business is preferred by those who own Turkish rugs.
Turkish rugs aren’t the only rugs that need reweaving often. If your rug has been damaged by moths or other insects, it's likely that reweaving could benefit it significantly. When we do reweaving, we work fast and for an affordable price.

When Turkish Rug Binding Is Needed

Rug binding is another service we are happy to deliver to homeowners and business owners in Westchester. We’ll use binding tape or a special sewing machine to bind your Turkish rug, and after we’re done with binding your rug will be sound for many years to come. This is an affordable restoration service.

We Deliver Exceptional Turkish Rug Fringing

When your Turkish rug needs to be fringed, you should get in touch with our fringing experts. The fringe is arguably the most important part of a rug, and when this gets damaged it won’t be long before the whole rug becomes irreparable. When you notice your rug’s fringe is worn, hire us, as we’ll add years to your rug’s life.